"We are not fixated about any particular issue, maybe it is a bad thing, but we do what we can and what we must, and we are not afraid of trying out new things (and failing as well) as long as it helps the people." - Arti and Uday

Current, Ongoing Projects


Aastha - Home for the Needy

We have started a residential project for the destitute, needy (Aastha - Home for the Needy) in Amravati since last year (FY 2019-20) and we aim to provide shelter, food and opportunities to the residents of this project. But we have not explicitly defined the word Needy or the selection criteria for this project, instead we have decided whom we cannot support under this project considering our limited resources (for example we cannot take care of bed-ridden patients). However, apart from this the project is open for all who need our support i.e. the residents of this project could be old people, or they could be orphans (who are above 18 years), or they could be women who are in need of support. And we have also started a commercial mess (canteen), as a part of the project, for meeting some of the recurring expenses of the project.

For more information about the project please click here.

Reach - 6 needy people (as on 26/03/2021)


Prarthana at Aastha Prakalp

Nursing Care Camps

Initially, we were not sure if these free nursing and health care camps were needed anymore... But a chance discussion with Dr. Prakash and Dr. Manda Amte (parents of Arti) and our Chotu Kaka (Mr. Laxmikant Varangaonkar) led us to a place called Gulgavhan (a habitat of Pardhi community, near Amravati).

And there we realized that though Health Care Services have reached in almost every villages, there are still people who can benefit from free basic nursing care. And so we started these weekly free basic health and nursing care camps in Bahillolpur - Gulgavhan.

However, at present we have paused these camps because of Covid-19 pandemic and hope to resume them soon.

Reach - 1 village, around 50 households / week


Children at Gulgavhan
Nursing Care Camp at Gulgavhan 2
Nursing Care Camps at Gulgavhan 3
Nursing Care Camps at Gulgavhan 4
Nursing Care Camps at Gulgavhan 5

Toy Library, Children Libraries

Perhaps some parents think that toys are not important... But we think otherwise, we believe that good toys play an important role in the development of children. But there is a problem - children get bored with a toy, quickly.

So we started a library of toys - our first Toy Library in Amravati. Commercial Toy Libraries do exist, but we don't want to make profit, instead we want to make good quality toys available to a large number of children at no cost. In addition to this, we also started a center of Nachiket Children's Libraries, but have closed it after a year or so. However the Toy Library continues to serve children and make them happy. 

Reach - 20 children


Children Library at Amravati
Toy Library 1
Toy Library 2
Toy Library 3
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English E-Teach

This project is supported by Apeksha Homoeo Society and Bombay Community Public Trust. And this project gives us the opportunity to work with a large number of children (from class 1 to 4) from Government (ZP) primary schools in Bhandara and Gondia districts and help them master English, get quality education and improve learning outcomes.
In addition to this, we have also provided a few Pratham STEM Kits in some of these schools on rotation basis and wish to start more Children Libraries in these schools.

Reach - 2500+ children from 60 ZP schools

Locations of the schools can be seen by clicking on map symbol

STEM Library at ZP Primary Schools, Bhan
STEM Library at ZP Primary Schools, Gond
Students learning English with EET
Students - ZP School in Bhandara
Students using computer and EET data

SHG, Training, and Other Programs

In the previous year (FY 2019-20), we conducted digital literacy workshops for women with the help from Maharashtra Rajya Mahila Aayog. And recently we helped a SHG (Saheli Mahila Bachat Gat from Akola) in setting up Rural Mart, with the help of NABARD, for marketing of various products of SHGs and members of SHGs. Apart from this, we also conduct various need-based and demand driven trainings and awareness programs. And we are also trying to facilitate formation of a Farmer Producer Company which will help the member farmers in increasing their income and overcome common challenges.  

Reach - around 50 SHGs


Digital Literacy Workshop for Women
Inauguration of Rural Mart, Akola
SHG Meetings, Akola