Aastha Bhojanalaya

Overall Objective of the Project:

आस्था भोजनालय हे भोजनालय संस्थेच्या आस्था या गरजू लोकांसाठीच्या निवासी प्रकल्पाचाच एक भाग आहे. व या भोजनालयाचा मुख्य उद्देश हा या आस्था - गरजू लोकांसाठीच्या निवासी प्रकल्पाचा व संस्थेच्या इतर लोकोपयोगी कार्यक्रमांचा खर्च, किमान काही प्रमाणात तरी, भागवण्यासाठी उत्पन्न मिळवणे असा आहे.

And though it is a part of a charitable project, Aastha Bhojanalaya is a restaurant in Amravati where you get Good Food at Affordable Rates. The offerings include Thali (Unlimited Rice Plate), and your favourite dishes made as per your order. Mess and Tiffin facility is also available. And in addition to this We also provide Catering Services for all Occasions (Marriage, Birthday, Parties).

Services available at Aastha Bhojanalaya:

  • Thali (Unlimited Rice Platter)

  • Mess (Tiffin) Facility

  • Food of your Choice (made as per your order) - Dine-in, Take Away

  • Food On Call (Order Food Online) - Free home delivery also available (for orders above 300 ₹)

  • Catering Services for all Occasions(Wedding, Birthday, Parties, Other Occasions)

  • Good Food at Affordable Rates

Address and Contact Details:

Aastha Bhojanalaya, C/o Aastha Home for the Needy, Plot No. 4, Shanti Colony, Near Chaitanya Colony Garden, Old Bypass Road, Amravati 444605

Call Now - 9423506957, 9423506958